The Posters of Paddington Printshop

A Book The Posters of Paddington Printshop, by John Phillips, with foreword by Andrzej Klimowski. Published by Four Corners Books

‘posters in loving large-format – urgent, raw, angry imagery about squatters’ services, anti-apartheid campaigns, carnivals, gigs, fundraisers and lots more. The energy of these posters and messages can still be felt today.’

Good Trouble Issue 21, published Feb 2020

Book cover: Paddington Printshop Posters

Museum Archives

Copies of original posters are in the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) and the International Institute of Social History (ISSH) archives, which can be searched online.

First Funding Application 1975

PDF of the funding request submitted to The Arts Council’s Community Arts Committee in 1975. The application was successful, and the organisation continued to receive Arts Council support until, reconstituted as londonprintstudio, it closed in 2020.

Annual Report 1980/81

Paddington Printshop’s annual report and application for funding to the Arts Council in 1980/81. The document bristles with pride at the organisation’s achievements and anger at the social and political injustices faced by the communities with which it works.

A Day in the Life 1977

Writing in 1977, Pippa Smith describes a ‘day in the life’ of the printshop operating from the ground floor of a small terrace house in west London.

Paddington Printshop to londonprintstudio

Writing in 2005, John Phillips describes the development of Paddington Printshop and its transformation into londonprintstudio via a trip to Havana.

From PHD Transforming Print by John Phillips

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